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Best product designed for backend engineers to create business tools
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Build the internal tools you need(Dashboard, Workflow Management, CRM, Support and Billing management...) in minutes.

Best product designed for backend engineers to create business tools

Hi, I'm Owen. As a Backend Engineer, I'm not very skilled at creating Web UIs, but I often need to develop various data panels and admin backends to meet the diverse needs of my colleagues.

This ranges from displaying complex business data to visualizing CI/CD tasks, and even creating special admin backends for Christmas events. I can't complete these tasks alone and need to collaborate with a frontend engineer for continuous iterations. This has significantly impacted my work efficiency.

I hope to independently produce various tools for internal team use, as well as simple tools for personal use and some time-sensitive tools. My biggest needs are for these tools to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and quick to build. Therefore, I am now fully committed to a project that helps backend engineers rapidly construct customized tools.

What is ILLA Cloud

ILLA is a low-code tool designed for developers, allowing you to rapidly develop Admin Panels and Dashboards through a drag-and-drop interface. ILLA Cloud integrates with a wide range of common databases and data sources, including REST APIs and GraphQL.

Official Website:

With ILLA, you can quickly build various tools such as:

  • Web & App Admin Panels
  • Data Dashboards
  • Customized B2B Tools

These can be created with drag-and-drop ease, requiring only a minimal amount of JavaScript for logical connections.


ILLA also features a comprehensive set of connector tools, capable of integrating AI, databases, and various SaaS platforms. This enables your clients to quickly link the products you build with the ones they use. It supports scheduled tasks, Webhooks, and also allows for parameter passing.


Why I recommend ILLA Cloud

After continuous iterations by our team, ILLA now supports a large number of mainstream data sources and APIs. Backend developers can quickly build customized tools with ILLA using drag-and-drop methods, which fundamentally improves the speed of building a large number of internal tools in daily work.


No one needs to build a microservice for a certain type of database anymore, where the microservice is just for executing a SQL query. ILLA supports direct SQL database queries, which is very user-friendly for backend developers.


ILLA also features built-in connector functionality, allowing tools to easily send messages to Slack, send emails, or even communicate with other systems. These can be invoked using Webhooks and scheduled tasks.

This fundamentally enhances the development efficiency of a large number of automation tasks in the workplace.


Moreover, ILLA now supports the integration of AI models, allowing for the easy use of Huggingface AI models. This is particularly interesting for building AI-driven tools. ILLA also includes an AI Agent feature, which can be conveniently used for text analysis, voice analysis, image analysis, and more.

Tools built with ILLA can quickly connect to LLMs (Large Language Models), making the tools you build smarter.



I hope that ILLA Cloud can help you quickly build various tools, allowing you to focus on developing business logic. ILLA Cloud is currently in beta, and we are actively collecting feedback from users. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

I hope that every engineer can become efficient, without the need to struggle over certain frontend tasks.

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