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ILLA Flow: A javascript-driven, developer-friendly product for creating automate workflow
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Build the internal tools you need(Dashboard, Workflow Management, CRM, Support and Billing management...) in minutes.

ILLA Flow: A javascript-driven, developer-friendly product for creating automate workflow

Hi everyone, I'm Owen, and we are a startup company focused on low-code solutions. Our team is quite small, consisting of only 7 people.

Today, we launched our new product: ILLA Flow.

Website: (You can find it after login, at the left of dashboard -> Flow)


ILLA Flow is a workflow product that allows you to construct a complete workflow in a manner similar to mind mapping, thereby enabling connections and scheduling with various databases and APIs.

You can build your own workflow through a drag-and-drop interface, and then execute your workflow by scheduling triggers or Webhook triggers.

The smooth drag-and-drop experience allows you to quickly build workflows without worrying about any integration issues. The entire system is driven by JavaScript, ensuring flexibility while also being developer-friendly.


Integrate Everything

ILLA Flow can connect to any

  • RestAPI
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB,
  • PostgreSQL
  • ...


We will strive to expand support for more connectivity features.

Some examples

ILLA Flow supports multiple trigger types, including scheduled triggers and Webhook triggers.

We use ILLA Flow to do lots of things, like:

  • Send a message to Slack when a new user registers
  • Report the number of stars on GitHub every day
  • Book a meeting room every day
  • ...

Our engineers use ILLA Flow to automate many tasks, like:

  • Read some business data from databases and send to Slack every day
  • Build a CI/CD report system
  • Send email when some warning occurs
  • ...


ILLA Flow supports scheduled triggers and the use of Webhooks for triggering. As a low-code tool, ILLA also enables the construction of panels to drive multiple workflows, forming a complete business process. Currently, the product is entirely free and requires no costs.


Our initial intention in creating this product was to address the lack of developer-friendly workflow products on the market. We aim to build a complete low-code matrix product to provide a better experience. Moreover, we have achieved multi-person real-time collaboration, similar to the experience of editing in Figma, ensuring that a team can edit workflows together.

As an early-stage product, there are still many features that are not perfect, and we hope everyone can provide valuable feedback to help us optimize it.

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