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How to build a custom low code CRM in 2024
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Build the internal tools you need(Dashboard, Workflow Management, CRM, Support and Billing management...) in minutes.

How to build a custom low code CRM in 2024

With the evolution of low-code platforms, an increasing number of businesses are turning to these platforms to build their operational systems. The main advantage of low-code platforms lies in their ability to rapidly iterate. This rapid iteration is key to swiftly responding to market changes, which in turn leads to quick market share acquisition. Gaining market share rapidly is essential for fast capital acquisition, and this swift capital influx fuels further rapid iteration. This cycle positions low-code platforms as the preferred choice for businesses to develop their operational systems in the coming years.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a system essential for every business, stands as a significant application scenario for low-code platforms. This article will explore how to build a CRM system using a low-code platform.

Why Build Your Own CRM?

While every business requires a CRM system, the ones currently available in the market are either too complex or overly simplistic, making it hard to meet specific business needs. As a result, many businesses opt to build their own CRM systems.

Using low-code tools to build a CRM system allows for rapid iteration and swift response to market changes. This cycle cements the future of low-code platforms as the go-to solution for businesses developing operational systems.

The flexible capabilities of low-code allow for quick, from-the-ground-up construction of fully customized CRM tools tailored to a company's unique requirements.

Advantages of Low-Code Platforms

The primary advantage of low-code platforms is their ability to facilitate rapid iteration. This rapid iteration is crucial for quick response to market changes, which leads to swift market share and capital acquisition, feeding back into more rapid iteration. This cycle ensures that low-code platforms will remain the preferred choice for businesses building operational systems in the near future.

Building a CRM with low-code means focusing solely on business logic without worrying about operational costs or design styles. It empowers everyone to develop customized systems for their company and team.

Moreover, these systems are aesthetically pleasing and easily modifiable.

Building CRM with ILLA Cloud

ILLA Cloud is a low-code platform that helps businesses quickly build their operational systems. It offers a wide range of components, enabling the rapid construction of business systems.


The system built with ILLA Cloud offers several features:

  • Customer management
  • Progress tracking
  • Data report management

As a low-code tool, ILLA Cloud allows for unlimited customization, enabling the creation of bespoke features unique to a company.

With drag-and-drop simplicity, ILLA Cloud enables rapid construction of custom UIs, allowing users to create a fully-functional low-code CRM in just minutes. This platform boasts an extensive array of common components, coupled with the ability to pull data from any database or data source. Therefore, choosing ILLA Cloud for building a low-code CRM is an exceptionally sound decision.

The platform's user-friendly interface simplifies the CRM creation process, making it accessible even to those with minimal technical expertise. The vast selection of components ensures that every necessary feature can be easily integrated into the CRM system, tailored to specific business requirements.

Furthermore, the seamless integration with various databases and data sources empowers businesses to consolidate and utilize their data efficiently, enhancing the CRM's effectiveness. This capability is crucial for businesses aiming to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date customer database, which is at the core of any successful CRM system.

In summary, ILLA Cloud's combination of ease-of-use, comprehensive component selection, and robust data integration capabilities makes it a top-tier choice for businesses looking to implement a low-code CRM solution.

Advantages of ILLA Cloud

ILLA Cloud enables quick Web UI construction through drag-and-drop, eliminating the need for complex web technology skills. This accessibility allows anyone to create their own business systems.

It requires no operational skills, as all products are fully hosted on the ILLA Cloud, eliminating operational costs.

ILLA Cloud supports collaborative team updates without any additional tools.


ILLA also integrates complete AI capabilities. If there's a need to send text messages to customers, users can directly use the latest AI Agent within the product.

We believe that building AI-Driven Business Tools is the future's preferred method.


Flexibility has always been a strength of low-code tools, and we offer industry-leading solutions to help users quickly create their corresponding products. We hope that low-code can assist every developer in building their own low-code CRM.


Every company should have its own low-code CRM, as customized needs and capabilities are key to flexible operations. We hope everyone can rapidly build business tools using low-code tools.